Artemis: discover the magnificent images of the dark side of the moon photographed by the Orion capsule

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Launched last week, the Orion capsule of the Artemis 1 mission approached about 130 kilometers from the Moon. Here are magnificent images of the hidden side of our natural satellite.

NASA announced on twitter on Monday, November 21, that the Orion capsule of the Artemis 1 Mission approached about 130 kilometers from the far side of the Moon. This is the first time for an unmanned flight, reports BFMTV.

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At the time of its passage behind the Moon, Orion took magnificent photographs, in HD. NASA unveiled these images, stating that at that time, the space vehicle was moving at more than 8000 km / h.

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This image was taken on the sixth day of the #Artemis I mission by a camera on @NASA_Orion. On Mon. Nov 21, it came within 80 miles of the lunar surface – the closest approach of the uncrewed mission.

—NASA’s Johnson Space Center (@NASA_Johnson) November 21, 2022

As expected during its passage behind the Moon, a break in the links with Orion took place for 30 minutes. Then NASA was able to verify that everything had gone well. In particular, the firing of the engines: Orion will reach a record distance for a habitable capsule: 64,000 km behind our satellite.

#Artemis I, Flight Day 5. Orion spacecraft takes a selfie while approaching the Moon ahead of the outbound powered flyby – a burn of Orion’s main engine on the @ESA service-module. During this maneuver Orion came within 81 miles of the lunar surface.

—Orion Spacecraft (@NASA_Orion) November 22, 2022

Artemis 1 is a test flight that will circumnavigate the Moon without landing there and without an astronaut on board for 25 days. This is the start of the Artemis program, which aims to send the first woman and the first person of color to the Moon.

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