Are you waiting for the PS5 Pro? It may be directly the PS6!

Game News Are you waiting for the PS5 Pro? It may be directly the PS6!

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Want to know if a PS5 Pro is in Sony’s boxes? Tom Henderson, he hears a lot more about the PS6.

As we enter the 3rd year of life for our next-gen machines, the PS5 and Xbox Series, we could fully expect to see new mid-gen releases arriving soon, such as possible Slim or Pro version of the PS5. One would allow for a finer console, while the other would rather be dedicated to boosting the performance of the current machine. Still, some say the time isn’t right to move on just yet, with all-new-gen games just beginning to fill the shelves, while consumers are just emerging from a long period of shortages. And yet, it’s even already the PlayStation 6 we’re talking about this week.

A gen 2 version of the normal PS5?

The latest leads come from renowned insider Tom Henderson who begins by confirming that there is indeed a new PS5 in the works. : “As for the PS5 Pro/Slim rumors, I don’t think it’s a pro or a slim. I understand it’s just “gen 2″ of the normal PS5. The normal PS5 will cease production at the end of this year and the new model will start in April to be released in September”. The new model would not improve anything therefore, it would just be a Gen2 of the machine, which would then standardize production while lowering costs.

Sony wouldn’t have stopped production of the “gen 1” PS5 if there were different consoles in production for different prices/specs. The new PS5 will reduce production and shipping costs, as it will produce only one console, with a removable disk drive.

This version, already discussed in other rumored papers, would therefore offer a single machine, as well as a detachable reader, while we would stop producing the classic PS5s at the end of the year; the new model would be marketed in September 2024.

A PS6 already in discussion?

And regarding a possible Pro version of the PS5, Henderson’s statements may surprise: “I’ve heard more about a PS6 than about a PS5 Pro”.

As to whether there will be a Pro version this generation, I’m not entirely sure. I feel like the normal version hasn’t been fully exploited yet and probably won’t be mass released until the end of the year. All I can say is that I’ve heard more about the PS6 than the PS5 Pro.

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