“Are you stupid Leo?” “… Messi warms up with a selection partner

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It’s a funny sequence that has been talking about for a few hours on the side of Argentina. Indeed, Lionel Messi, the PSG star currently present in a rally with his selection, finds himself at the center of a surprising video.

During what appears to be a training session, Rodrigo De Paul and Messi (from the back) go head-to-head. And if the smile seems to be in order, the gestures and the words are a little less so. “Are you stupid Leo?” “, would have chewed De Paul to Messi while giving him a small pat. Leandro Paredes, present in the exchange, also takes care to keep the Argentinian midfielder away from the Pulga. Simple slightly excessive chambering or real tension within the Albiceleste?

to summarize

PSG’s Argentine star Lionel Messi saw social media go up in flames on the Argentine side after a tough exchange with a partner. Indeed, Rodrigo De Paul opposes with a smile with Messi, even if Paredes has to intervene.

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