Are Advil and other pain relievers harmful in the long term?

Too long use of painkillers may be the cause of worsening arthritis, according to a new study.

In a few days there will be a meeting of the Radiological Society of North America during which the results of a study conducted by scientists from the University of California will be presented.

According to them, the analgesic drugs such as pain-relieving Advil, may worsen the inflammation that causes osteoarthritis.

A study based on nearly 300 people

Thus, these are 277 people suffering from moderate to severe osteoarthritis at the level of the knee who were followed by the researchers, tells us Yahoo! News. All had taken nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for at least a year.

The health data of nearly 800 other participants, suffering from the same condition but not having consumed medication, were placed in comparison.

Study results

The follow-up lasted 4 years, and MRIs were performed at the beginning and at the end of this period. What emerges from the study authors’ findings is that at the start of follow-up not only was joint inflammation and cartilage quality in the knee worse among participants with medication. But also, they had worsened over time.

The reason ? Johanna Luitjens, lead author, explains:

The use of NSAIDs for their anti-inflammatory function has spread frequently in patients with osteoarthritis in recent years and should be reviewed as a positive impact on joint inflammation could not be demonstrated.

And that’s not all, since she adds that“no curative therapies have been approved to cure or reduce the progression of osteoarthritis of the knee”. At least, to date.

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