Anny Duperey surrounded by her children Sara and Gaël Giraudeau: family reunion and great pride

Presents on January 17, 2023 at the general of the room The bird syndrome at the Rond-Point theater in Paris, Anny Duperey was able to enjoy a beautiful evening with her two children Sara and Gaël.

Co-director (with Renaud Meyer) of the play, Sara Giraudeau also plays in it alongside Patrick d’Assumçao. Very proud of her daughter, Anny Duperey was able to pose with her but also meet Jean-Pierre Kalfon and Zinedine Soualem during the cocktail. Accomplices, Sara Giraudeau and Gaël exchanged tender marks of affection during the evening. Came with his wife Anne, the son of Bernard Giraudeau was also able to pose with Jean-Paul Bordes, actor having been nominated for the Molière of the comedian in a supporting role for the play Flea in the ear (1997).

Known from her role in the series The Office of Legendsbut also on the big screen in little peasant (2018) – which allowed her to be awarded the César for best actress in a supporting role – Sara Giraudeau is the mother of three daughters with actor Simon Hubert: Mona born May 22, 2011, Bonnie born June 28, 2016 and a third daughter born in early March 2022.

Caring grandmother, Anny Duperey has long refused to be a mother as she confided to the journalists of the show As an aside, on Canal+. Traumatized by the death of her parents, asphyxiated by carbon monoxide in their bathroom, when she was only 8 years old, the actress ofA Wonderful Family changed her mind thanks to a few words from her husband Bernard Giraudeau, who died in July 2010.

The refusal of the child

The idea of ​​the child provoked crises in me. To reconnect with the danger of loss, with pain, perhaps a little revenge vis-à-vis the parents. And Bernard had this sentence: ‘The refusal of the child, at this point, is a form of suicide’. And when you love words and listen to them well… those words were so right that I immediately recognized that it was the suicide of a lineage that was going to die with me, she confided. A few months later, the actress became pregnant with Gaël. His son was born in 1982 and his daughter Sara in 1985.

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