Ancelotti: “Camavinga was spectacular”

Carlo Ancelotti speaks in a press conference after Real Madrid’s victory against Athletic.

The game : “We defended well. Compactly, solidly and with a well-organized block. With the advantage we took, we had to defend well and we had it. We offered nothing and we won.”

Ceballos game “He played very well in every match, with personality, with and without the ball. He didn’t play much but we need everyone and we have to recover our injured players.”

Benzema : “He’s back. He brings us a lot, I’m happy for him.”

Camavinga : “I want to emphasize that Camavinga’s match was spectacular.”

Modric and Kroos on the bench : “I don’t think it’s taking a risk because at this time of year you have to have motivated players. Ceballos and Asensio, through what they did against Villarreal, deserved to play. Kroos had just played everything and Modric could play but I chose this eleven. The team knew how to be competitive and defend well.”

Commitment and good defense : “The analysis we made is that, when we weren’t defending, it went badly. We defended well today, we knew how to suffer. We scored early and that helped us. The team had the collective commitment that we haven’t had in the last games.”

The Vinicius case: “He’s a great player, that’s the first thing. He’s a sensitive person and it’s true that he is targeted by opponents. He takes blows, the public intimidates him, there are sometimes the referee… They gave him a yellow card and he took a lot of hits. He’s going to improve, he’s young. He takes a lot of hits and sometimes he loses his concentration but he’s young. likes him a lot and we want him to be respected by everyone. What I told him? To talk to me.”

Tribute to Nacho: “He’s a player who can play right, left or centre-back. He’s an exemplary professional, the type of players you want in your team. He never complains. I’m happy to see that the players who play less bring a lot of things. Nacho, Ceballos, Camavinga… But it doesn’t stop here. We play from Thursday, Sunday, again Thursday and Sunday after…”

Win in San Mamés : “It’s complicated to do it. We also did it in La Liga last year but we lost here in the Copa. The atmosphere is spectacular, fantastic. We suffered, we fought and we well managed.”

An A and B team? “There is no plan A or B. The plan is to field the best team every three days. The plan is to win the games. That’s all.”

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