Amel Bent at the end of the line, this call for help which has totally changed the situation!

Amel Bent is on all fronts. If the star is illustrated in music, she has conquered the crowds countless times thanks to her TV appearances. Last year, Amel Bent was a member of the jury for the Miss France 2022 contest. In the process, the star also chained filming with The Voice. Even pregnant, the singer assumed her role as a coach until the end.

This Saturday, September 24, 2022, the artist will be honored in 50’Inside on TF1. Alongside Nikos Aliagas who orchestrated their interview, the interpreter of “1,2,3” took the opportunity to talk about his entourage. On a daily basis, it is with her family that she recharges her batteries. In good and bad times, Amel Bent knows that she can count on her man Patrick Antonelli, father of her three children. At the same time, their loved ones: families and friends are never far away to lend a hand.

“They don’t know what you’re going through…”

A help that is very precious to him. If the young woman is fulfilled in her life, she has had ups and downs like everyone else… “There are people who live next to you, who sleep in the next room and they don’t know what you’re going through”, she explained to the famous presenter. “You don’t tell them anything. Because I also become a pillar in my home. So if I tell them that I’m not doing too well, the record sales, the things… Suddenly it starts to gamble: ‘But how are we going to do it? The House ? Credit ? It’s Amel who manages everything. If she falls, we fall with her ».

A constant pressure that is not always easy to manage. “A lot of weight very quickly…”,underlined Nikos Aliagas, attentive. “20 years, I was the head of the family”, confided Amel Bent and add: “And it was while crying that I told them, ‘I’m not as strong as you think. I’m scared…I don’t make as good a living sometimes as you might think […]. Sometimes for two or three years, nothing comes in”. Confessions that have changed the game in his close circle to believe his words: “When I said that, they became my allies. But in everything. And we became a team.


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