Ambre Dol (large families) announces her breakup with Alexandre

In story of her Instagram account, Ambre Dol (Large Families: life in XXL) announced very sad news to its subscribers. She separated from her companion Alexandre.

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Ambre Dol is going through a complicated period. The mother discovered in Large families: life in XXL, the docu-reality of TF1, indeed had to be hospitalized victim of a bilateral pneumopathy. She had shared a particularly disturbing photo of her condition on her Instagram account. Back home, she gave news of her health and announced that she had been diagnosed with a 5.5 millimeter nodule that needed to be explored. “I was scared to death, but confident… And then, I tell myself just in case, the pneumonia fell just in time to put a flea in my ear on this m… If there is one! Obviously when we talk about nodule it’s always scary, but it can be benign!”, she revealed then.

Ambre Dol puts an end to a long silence

This Friday, November 25, Ambre Dol spoke again on her Instagram account to explain to her 240,000 subscribers the reasons for her long silence and her absence on social networks. She told them very bad news: the mother of the family has separated from her companion Alexandre. “I really, really needed this break. There have been big changes in our lives, the bilateral lung disease was not the only reason for our absence. Many of you have understood this. Alexandre and I have decided to take a different path”, she announced in the story. She then explained to her subscribers that she would remain discreet about this separation in the immediate future. “I do not wish to express myself further on this subject already for our children but also for both of us. This will remain our secret garden. I hope you will understand it”, she noted.

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The couple married in 2001

The Dol family had landed in season 2 of Large families: life in XXL. Ambre Dol shared her life with Alexandre, father of the last two children of the siblings and handsome exemplary father of his three eldest. The couple was married on July 13, 2001. A happiness that he shared on the show and on Instagram. “It was a princess dream to become his wife and it was realized this Tuesday, July 13. This wedding is not only ours but also that of our whole family! It’s been 2 and a half years that we prepare it and that we make sure to afford the wedding of our dreams… Everything was perfect. I love you Alexander“, she wrote then in the caption of a photo of the ceremony. The mother of five children regularly made pretty declarations to her companion.

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