already a first controversy for Neymar

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Brazil is in Qatar, but will have to wait until Thursday to start the 2022 World Cup, against Serbia (8:00 p.m.) Brazil does not want to miss out and remains aware of its status as favorite for this competition. But before starting their World Cup, Neymar was provocative by posting a photo of the Brazil team’s coat of arms on Instagram, with a sixth world champion star.

Criticized by the press, including the magazine BILD who called him arrogant, Brazil wanted to respond to the controversy with the voice of Richarlison. “They are the arrogant ones. We are only dreamers. We’ve been dreaming of that sixth star for a long time and we’re going to get it, whether they like it or not. Neymar posted (this photo) because it’s also his dream. This journalist is an asshole.said the Tottenham striker at a press conference at the Grand Hamad Stadium in Doha, the Seleçao training center.

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