Alou Diarra and Serge Aurier come out of the silence

Wet by Mathias Pogba in the marabout affair in which he involves his brother, Paul, Serge Aurier, the Ivorian international defender who plays at Nottingham Forest, and Alou Diarra, the former French international now ESTAC youth coach, reacted in the columns of L’Equipe. “We are talking about a fairly young marabout named Ibrahim, nicknamed Grande, secret partner of the company Team 5 in Roissy-en-France, according to his own words. Because he is close to the former international Alou Diarra (owner of the 5-a-side football complex). My brother met him thanks to the player Serge Aurier who recommended his marabout to him,” said Mathias Pogba, currently imprisoned for an extortion attempt on his brother, in one of the many videos posted this Friday.

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In the sports daily, Alou Diarra, ex-French international with 44 selections, responded with emojis “died laughing”, before adding to be “never at his 5-a-side football complex”. “I don’t personally know Paul Pogba and his entourage. They are not of my generation. So [je suis] very surprised that my name is mentioned by Pogba’s brother,” he justified himself. For his part, Serge Aurier declared “to be a Muslim” and “pray to God, not the marabout”. “Call me for good, funny and funny things. Family stories that border on madness, go talk directly to the Pogba family or whoever proclaims them,” he concluded. The Pogba case seems far from over.

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