Aleksander Ceferin at the heart of an investigation in Slovenia

The road to a third term at the helm of UEFA for President Aleksander Ceferin could be much more complicated than expected. The Slovenian leader is said to be linked to a corruption investigation in his native country. According to information from the Italian investigative media Domanihe would be the subject of an investigation for the alleged payment of 390,000 euros for the subcontracting of railway works, in the early 2000s.

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Documents disclosed during the trial and investigation show that this €390,000 fee was to be paid to Ceferin’s firm for advice provided to Slovenia’s national railway company. This amount in question was to remain undeclared and secret. This is the reason why everything would then have been concocted to pass the money through a company in a more or less clear way. Involvement in this case could seriously jeopardize Ceferin’s re-election as UEFA president, which for the moment seems to be a given.

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