Alain Chabat as a couple with a pretty columnist: rare photos of the one who capsized his heart

While he is currently a hit on TF1 with his program The Late (1.07 million viewers gathered last Monday on the first chadon’t for the first episode) and that he is celebrating his 64th birthday today, Alain Chabat is known to be relatively discreet about his private life. What we do know is that he had three children (Louise, Lucie and Max, respectively born in 1986, 1988 and 1993) with his ex-wife, of whom we do not knows precisely not the identity. He is even grandfather since last year, her daughter Louise having given birth to a baby boy.

Recently, during one of his Instagram question sessions, her eldest daughter returned to her relationship with her parents, and more specifically to that with her famous dad. “I lived it well (their separation, editor’s note), I started to see my father from there”, she had explained at first, specifying in particular that they were not married.“I don’t film everything I do. (…) He (his father, editor’s note) is very private, no social media, so I keep these moments for us”, she continued, she who is expression teacher according to her CV on LinkedIn.

A discreet couple

If Alain Chabat is separated from the mother of his daughter, he has, on the other hand, found love since. The lucky winner is an actress of Finnish origin, who notably made rare appearances on French television as a columnist, notably on France 2 in the program Kind regards from Europe alongside Stéphane Bern and Enora Malagré. This is Tiara Comte.

If they make it a point of honor to live their relationship out of sight, they have nevertheless displayed their complicity in front of the photographers on a few occasions, in particular during the Lumière festival in Lyon, in 2019 and 2021.

Note that his sweetheart, who had landed her first film role in the French drama The story of Richard O produced by Damien Odoul in 2007, is also graduate of a higher school of advertising, as well as event organizer and floral artist for the company Olo, according to his LinkedIn profile.

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