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Legislative elections 2022case

Ban on cutting wood, threat of a country under IMF supervision, “fiscal guillotine”… Two days before the legislative elections, the majority are accumulating crude lies on the Nupes program. Thus showing its feverishness in the face of the union of the left which prances at the top of the voting intentions.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon does not call Emmanuel Macron by his name. He designates it with a “him” or is satisfied with a “he”. “What did he say ?” he asks the collaborator who reminds him that the conference scheduled for Thursday to respond to the attacks of the President of the Republic takes place in less than an hour. “Do we maintain?” she asks, seeing the clock ticking. “Oh yes ! We will answer him point by point. cuts the rebellious, too happy to go and do a little judo. “In politics, you have to know how to turn the opponent’s energy against him. Macron is not a judoka”, he says in front of some journalists.

For five years, from the ranks of the Assembly, Jean-Luc Mélenchon observed the good fighters of the macronie respond to the rebellious. For several months, he has been wondering where they have gone. Why don’t they have it “grounded” from the in-between rounds of the presidential election, when he asked the French to elect him Prime Minister? Instead, the majority waited for the united left to climb in the polls enough to make them shudder to attack. For the past few days, its representatives have been machine-gunning on all sides: with Mélenchon, more taxes and less freedom, with cohabitation, more instability and less democracy…


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