after his separation from Shakira, Pique appears with his new girlfriend

Just retired from football and separated from singer Shakira, Gerard Piqué appeared this Wednesday evening with his new companion. The former Barça defender has formalized his relationship with model Clara Chia.

Gerard Piqué is no longer a professional footballer, but the former Barça defender continues to be talked about in the press and on social networks. The boss of the Kosmos company, in conflict with the ITF over the Davis Cup or who wants to revolutionize football with the Kings League, still finds himself at the heart of the news for the end of his relationship with Shakira.

After years of living together, the star couple broke up with a bang. The Colombian artist even paid off her ex-husband with a barely veiled tackle in a song. Gerard Pique seems to have moved on and took advantage of a message posted on social media on Wednesday to confirm his relationship with Clara Chia.

The spikes continue between Pique and Shakira

All it took was a photo, without a caption, to see the couple confirm the insistent rumors about them. The 2010 world champion and the model unleashed passions with this publication by Gerard Piqué. While some of the defender’s former teammates welcomed the news, such as Riqui Puig or Carles Alena, other Internet users were less welcome to the information and had a word for Shakira.

Unsurprisingly, the South American singer did not react. At the same time, she did not hesitate to let her know what she thought of it in her latest album. Via a piece, the one who had two boys with Gerard Pique settled accounts with him and scratched Clara Chia.

“You changed a Ferrari for a Twingo”, thus launched the Colombian in the lyrics of a song. Before continuing: “You replaced a Rolex with a Casio”. After these two attacks, Gerard Piqué responded by appearing at the wheel of a Twingo and then signing a partnership with the Casio brand.

A way to show his support for Clara Chia, his new girlfriend. Meanwhile, Shakira’s breakup track has over 205M views on YouTube and over 144M streams on Spotify.

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