“After a while, I’m tired”, Antoine Daniel takes a categorical measure vis-à-vis Twitter!

news culture “After a while, I’m tired”, Antoine Daniel takes a categorical measure vis-à-vis Twitter!

Between the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk which turned into a fiasco and the toxicity increasingly present on the social network, some users prefer to distance themselves from the application with the white bird. The first reason given is the well-being of their mental health. However, when you are a streamer, it seems quite difficult to get rid of this social network as it is useful for keeping your community informed, especially when lives take place or in the context of paid partnerships. Except that for Antoine Daniel, the last few weeks have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.


  • Twitter, a toxicity that scares away streamers
  • Antoine Daniel says “So long” to Twitter

Twitter, a toxicity that scares away streamers

Lately, the Twitch and Twitter applications have not shone with their benevolence. During the past few weeks, Twitter has generally relayed what could be happening on Twitch, giving rise to waves of harassment against certain personalities on the platform, and again recently as Domingo lamented after the Eleven All Stars event organized by Amine, as well as a few days earlier, when the French team was announced. All of this has contributed to a kind of general fatigue that is pushing them more and more to flee the social network, and many have wondered about their departure from the platform. Just like us when writing this article about the relationship between streamers and Twitch !

Among the French stars of Twitch who have been able to make this reflection, we find Anthony Daniel. If he made himself known on Youtube thanks to his series of videos called “What The Cut?! “, the latter has been officiating on the streaming platform for a few years now and has almost a million followers. Since the ZEvent 2022, Antoine Daniel has somewhat borne the brunt of the repercussions of Twitter, whether for his remarks in front of the video of the President of the Republic or when he revealed the salary he paid himself during a live. At the very beginning of the month, the streamer seemed to have made a radical decision for his mental health: a decision now effective!

Antoine Daniel says “So long” to Twitter

During a live on Twitch, at the very end of October, Antoine Daniel took stock of his community and announced that he was seriously considering leaving Twitter. Clearly decided, the streamer felt it was the best solution for “ escape it all “, he who described himself as” too addicted “to this social network and unable to” self-discipline “. All of his arguments had been compiled in a video to be found below. Since this session of October 29 on Twitch, Antoine Daniel has continued his research and has continued to inquire with his entourage, in particular to find out if this could pose a problem from a professional point of view.

It would therefore seem that the answer is indeed “no” since Antoine Daniel deactivated his Twitter account just today. The procedure took a little longer than expected (at the time, he planned to close a week later, in the first third of November), but the streamer kept his word, while taking the necessary measures so that no one opens an account from the name “@MrAntoineDaniel” and pretends to be him on the social network. On Twitter, one of his streaming friends, ZeratoR, paid tribute to this saving decision for his friend’s mental health by taking up his now cult phrase “So long! “. For their part, the fans, too, welcome the process by sending messages of support on the social network.

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