Abolition of bullfighting: Aymeric Caron declares himself “forced to withdraw his text”, relive the debates in the Assembly

D-Day for France Insoumise’s bill to abolish bullfighting. The debates are held this Thursday, November 24 during the session devoted once a month to an opposition group.

To be sure to see the subject submitted to the deputies, France Insoumise passed the bill aimed at abolishing bullfighting in second position, whereas it was initially to be debated in fourth place.

After the vote to include abortion in the Constitution, the deputies are now devoting themselves to the controversial proposal made by the deputy LFI Aymeric Caron. Relive the debates between the deputies.

5:40 p.m. “It’s you who lack courage”, says Emmanuelle Ménard to Aymeric Caron

In the ranks of the right, Aymeric Caron suffered criticism from Emmanuelle Ménard, the deputy for Hérault. “By withdrawing your text which had not been accepted by the law commission, it is you who lack courage and flee.”

5:30 p.m .: “We will not be able to abolish bullfighting in France today. I am forced to withdraw my text”, protests Aymeric Caron

“I see the courage of some to flee the debate”, gets carried away Aymeric Caron intended for the RN deputies who have tabled numerous amendments which he considers “unserious”.

“You did not withdraw amendments when I asked you to. There are more than 480 amendments left, that represents 24 hours of debate. I am sorry to admit it. I apologize to those who counted on us but I want to face the facts, we will not be able to abolish bullfighting in France today. What is happening today is not an end, it is only a beginning. With my rebellious colleagues, I am going to table a new law which will be cross-partisan. I am forced to withdraw my text.”

5:20 p.m .: “Imagine your dog instead of the toro”, says a rebellious deputy

Anne Stambach-Terrenoir, LFI deputy for Haute-Garonne, is now at the podium. Like Aymeric Caron, it is essentially a question of animal well-being in his intervention, citing the order of veterinarians which ensures that the toro suffers during the bullfight. “Imagine, dear colleagues, the toro pierced on all sides. Now imagine your dog instead of the toro”, she says. “Traditions are not immutable, they evolve,” she adds.

“Catalonia put an end to bullfighting ten years ago,” she says, forgetting that the practice has been legal in this region of Spain since 2016.

5:10 p.m .: Dominique Faure speaks for the government

Dominique Faure, Secretary of State for rurality, is now at the podium. She defends the position of the government which is opposed to the PLL of Aymeric Caron. “I am fully aware of the complexity of the discussions. Bullfighting sends everyone back to their deepest sensitivity and death is an intimate relationship. It is rooted in territories which without bullfighting would lose their singularity” , she says, recalling that the government is already doing a lot about animal welfare. “We are all here attached to individual freedoms and to the sector of excellence which contributes to biodiversity. Do we only have an impact study? I invite you, dear deputies, to vote against this bill.”

5 p.m.: Aymeric Caron in the stands

Rapporteur of his PPL, Aymeric Caron is at the podium. “It is a question of repairing an injustice, a legislative aberration because one can kill an animal in Béziers, Nîmes but not in Paris”, says the antispecist deputy who sticks for the time being to animal suffering. “We can choose to abolish bullfighting but some have chosen to prevent the vote by tabling numerous amendments. I ask you, dear colleagues, to withdraw your amendments.”

The debate will begin

Today’s session at the Palais Bourbon began at 9 a.m. It was interrupted at 1 p.m. and resumed at 3 p.m. Until now, it has been exclusively devoted to the bill aimed at including voluntary termination of pregnancy in the Constitution.

It is Aymeric Caron’s bill that will now be debated.

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