a teacher threatened for having asked a student to remove her veil

The facts took place during a school outing. The brother of the person concerned first threatened the teacher by telephone, before being arrested in front of the school.

A 22-year-old young man was arrested on Friday, before being placed under judicial supervision, for threatening a teacher who asked a high school student to remove her veil during a school outing, learned Le Figaro from a well-informed source this Monday, September 19, confirming information from Actu17. The individual was referred on Sunday and then placed under judicial supervision, indicates to the Figaro the Paris prosecutor’s office.

The events occurred in the 3e capital district. During a school outing for the students of the Simone Weil high school, in the historical library of the city of Paris, one of the accompanying teachers noticed that a high school girl was wearing the veil. The teacher then asks him to remove it, indicating that it is not allowed to be worn in the school’s internal regulations and during school outings.

“You will see what will happen to you”

The person concerned refuses to remove it, and calls her family. At the end of the line, his brother asks to speak to the teacher, whom he begins to threaten. “I’ll come and fuck you, you’ll see what will happen to you, I’m coming“, he reportedly said. The police, alerted, headed for the library before spotting the suspect in front of the school. Arrested and then placed in police custody, he would have continued his threats, explaining, according to Actu17: “If someone touches or asks my sister to remove her veil in the street, I kill him.»

As the Paris prosecutor’s office tells us, the young man was placed under judicial supervision pending a subsequent hearing to be tried on counts of contempt and threats to anyone in charge of a public service mission.


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