a second round between the RN and Renaissance in the second constituency

Voters in the second constituency of Marne were called to the polls this Sunday, January 22, 2023 to elect their deputy. Anne-Sophie Frigout (National Rally) and Laure Miller (Renaissance) are qualified for the second round.

Voters in the second constituency of Marne placed Anne-Sophie Frigout and Laure Miller in the lead during the first round of the partial legislative election organized this Sunday, January 22, 2023.

A second round will therefore take place on Sunday January 29 to decide between the deputy Rassemblement national, whose election in June 2022 was invalidated by the Constitutional Council, and the deputy mayor of Reims, member of the Renaissance party.

Anne-Sophie Frigout scores 34.8 % of votes cast. Laure Miller can count on 30.0 % voices. Victorien Pâté, candidate of Nupes, comes in third position, with 16.2 %. He is followed by the elected representative of Reims Les Républicains Stéphane Lang (11.1 %), Nesma Sayoud (Ecology at the center) 3.0 %, Marie Pace (Reconquest !) 2.5 %, Thomas Rose (Labour struggle) 1.8 %, Pierre Schwarz (without label) 0.7 % and Salvador Ribero (unlabeled) 0.0 %.

As in other by-elections, voter turnout plummeted. Only 24.0 % of voters moved this Sunday. In June 2022, they were 46.0 % to have moved to the first ballot in the constituency.

After discovering the results for the city of Reims alone, which placed him in third position, the Nupes candidate Victorien Pâté admitted defeat without waiting for the final results. “We have a record abstention, as we feared. On a partial, it is always the case, but it always hurts when we are attached to democracy.

“The result does not qualify us for the second round, so it is obviously a disappointment. There is a big bonus for the outgoing MP who penalizes us heavily […] La Nupes benefited from a very good momentum in June, since we came first at the national level. We have not revived this momentum and revived the flame for these by-elections”, he indicated.

He does not give voting instructions for the second round, but indicates that he will vote in a personal capacity “against the National Front” by slipping a Laure Miller ballot into the ballot box. “I will use the only ballot paper in my possession to block the far-right ideas, social imposture and nationalism that the National Rally represents”.

“I will not give any voting instructions and especially no lesson to those who will make a different choice. As far as abstention or blank votes are concerned, everyone will do what they wish. But on the other hand, no vote for the National Front , that is plain and clear”, he explained.

The election of National Rally candidate Anne-Sophie Frigout was invalidated by the Constitutional Council on December 2, 2022 due to an imbroglio around the ballots of Renaissance candidate Laure Miller.

Last June, voters placed Nupes candidate Lynda Meguenine in the lead, with 22.5 %. Anne-Sophie Frigout was second, with 22.0 %. Laure Miller was then in third place with 21.2 %, and therefore not qualified. In the second round, on June 19, 2022, Anne-Sophie Frigout won with 54.8 % voices.

The second district of Marne includes part of Reims as well as 84 other municipalities, including Bezannes, Fismes, Saint-Brice-Courcelles, Thillois and Tinqueux.

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