A scandal breaks out in Italy, OM involved

On January 20, Juventus was condemned by the Court of Appeal of the Italian Federation (FIGC) to a withdrawal of 15 points in Serie A. Andrea Agnelli had received a 2-year ban from exercising any function in football , just like Pavel Nedvěd (8 months for him). A conviction for artificial capital gains. And OM is concerned.

Rest assured dear supporters of the OM, the Marseille club is in no danger. The Juventus played too much with fire with what is known as the double transfer, or exchange of players. This practice allowed the Old lady to trade many players, while overvaluing trades.

The Tongya-Aké exchange pointed out

In January 2021, an exchange had put the chip in the ears of the investigators, when Franco Tongya had been exchanged with marley Ake. Two years later, Johann Crochet, journalist on RMC detailed the transfers that led to Juventus’ condemnation, in L‘After Foot : “ Everyone knows the Arthur / Pjanic transfer, but there have been a lot of exchanges on young players, that’s where the shoe pinches. Especially with OM between Franco Tongya and Marley Aké. »

No risk for OM

However, just like the FC Barcelona, ​​Manchester City, Atalanta Bergamo or the Sampdoria, OM does not risk any sanction following this suspicious movement. Movements which had given the possibility to the Juventus to make, between 2018 and 2021, €322 million in added value.

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