“A real hatred”, what Diallo said of Hamraoui behind the scenes before the attack

The Parisian obtained the report of the PJ of Versailles on the subject of Aminata Diallo, indicted on Friday and suspected of having ordered the attack on Kheira Hamraoui. The investigation reveals that Diallo had a deep hatred for his PSG teammate, whom she often spoke about in private.

Damning conclusions. The police officers of the Versailles PJ’s crime prevention brigade have issued an instructive investigation report on Aminata Diallo, indicted on Friday and suspected of having ordered the attack on Kheira Hamraoui on November 4 in the Yvelines. In a thirty-seven page document, which The Parisian was able to consult, the investigators reveal that Diallo had “a real hatred” for her PSG teammate, whom she considered “as an obstacle to her own sports career”.

At the time, Aminata Diallo was in the shadow of Hamraoui, who played in the same position as her in the midfield, both in Paris and in the France team. A visibly unbearable situation for the 26-year-old Grenoble woman, who then hoped to obtain an extension in the capital (her contract ran until 2022), with a strong salary increase.

“I tell him destroy it, he destroys it”

Three months before the assault on Hamraoui, who was beaten with iron bars by two hooded men, Diallo expressed “deep jealousy” and a sense of injustice in messages sent on WhatsApp and unearthed in memory of his two telephones seized by the police.

She notably mentioned the possibility that one of her relatives, nicknamed “Jaja”, would physically attack her rival: “If I was bad, jealous and calculating like her… I tell her ‘destroy it’, he destroys it.” After having interviewed Diallo several times during the first weeks of investigation, the investigators discreetly sounded his apartment and his personal vehicle. The tapping revealed a close relationship between Diallo and an unofficial players’ agent. Thinking of expressing themselves without an audience, the duo would have poured out their hatred on Hamraoui, speaking in particular of ousting him from PSG. Diallo and his sidekick would also have made outrageous remarks against several Parisian leaders.

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