A pensioner arrested and imprisoned for kidnapping and rape of his former companion

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A pensioner has been indicted for rape and kidnapping and placed in pre-trial detention, suspected of violence for several years on his ex-companion in Plourin-lès-Morlaix, in Finistère, the Brest prosecution said on Saturday.

At the beginning of January, in Finistère, a man reported that one of his acquaintances “regularly showed signs of blows to the face and neck” and sent the prosecution “photos of traces of strangulation and scratches on the face “, explained Camille Miansoni, public prosecutor of Brest.

The police were taking statements from this woman who had lived for several years with this 62-year-old man and with whom she had a child, and had separated from him during confinement. The victim confirmed “to have been the victim of regular physical and psychological violence since their separation. She also denounced acts of kidnapping and kidnapping as well as acts of rape. Her statements and her attitude evoked a frightened woman”, added Camille Miansoni .

Several witnesses were heard and explained the influence exercised by the respondent on the victim, who was seen by a forensic doctor and who “noted injuries compatible with the facts denounced and fixed the ITT at 8 days”, according to the magistrate.

The sexagenarian, having no criminal record, was placed in police custody this Thursday, January 19, contesting the facts and evoking “the instability of the victim”. He was indicted in particular for rape, kidnapping, sexual assault and violence. A judicial inquiry has been opened.

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