A nugget of return to PSG, Qatar has decided

Xavi Simons is unlikely to return to PSG anytime soon. Although there has been talk of such an option in the press for some time, Paris Saint-Germain is not currently working on this file.

In the summer of 2019, Xavi simons left the heart rate Barcelona and joined the PSG. A snub for the Barca which had recorded the bitter failure of the return of Neymar. However, despite his performances with the Paris Saint-Germain youth teams, Xavi simons never really established himself with the first team and left the PSG free of any contract in the last off-season aged 19.

Xavi Simons acknowledges the existence of a clause for his future

However, there was talk of a clause present in the contract of Xavi simons to PSV Eidhoven, allowing the PSG to have a certain priority over the competition for a possible repatriation of simons. Last October, the Dutch international made things clear on this subject. “It’s true that I have a clause, but it’s a clause between me and PSV and therefore not with Paris Saint-Germain. If I want to go to PSG at the end of the season, I can go there for a certain amount. But to be honest, it’s not in my head to move again.

No return from Xavi Simons although his agent left the door open

And since ? His representative Rafaela Spicy left the doubt hovering last November by dropping a simple: ” Who knows ? ». But Qatar would have already decided. Regarding the return of Xavi simons to PSGthe senior decision makers of the Paris HolyGerman would not work on his return and would have already ruled out any movement for the Dutchman this winter, in the same way as for Marcus Thuram according to The Team.

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