a new guest speaks directly about Bolloré and draws the wrath of the whole team!

On a daily basis C8Cyril Hanouna orchestrates countless numbers of Do not touch My TV. For his show, he likes to receive many guests to animate the debates. But on November 10, 2022, Lino and Bianca’s dad made the headlines a lot. Facing Louis Boyard, the PAF star lost his temper. Wanna bounce on the humanitarian ship Ocean Viking, the LFI deputy violently pinned Vincent Bolloré.

According to him, the businessman who currently owns the group Canal + (whose C8) would be – through his actions – one of the people responsible for the impoverishment of “France and Africa”. Heavy accusations which had the merit of ulcerating Cyril Hanouna and all his band of columnists. On the set of the talk show, the politician was copiously insulted by the host.

Attacked from all sides following this sequence, Lino and Bianca’s dad tried to rectify the situation on Twitter: “My darlings, I am whole, loyal, sincere and I will always be myself on the air. I am sanguine and true like some politicians. The only thing I regret is insulting him. […]. For the rest, I have no regrets and I will always defend my friends. I love you “.

“We are at Bolloré…”

In the process, Jean-Luc Mélenchon also sided with Louis Boyard. Since then, it’s war with the producer! A situation that continues to be discussed at all costs in the media. This Thursday, November 24, 2022, Solveig Halloin made a remarkable appearance in TPMP. The matador Marc Serrano and the journalist Yannis Ezziadi were also invited to debate with the militant fiercely opposed to bullfighting.

To mark the spirits, the latter covered her hand with fake blood to pay homage to the bulls “sacrificed” in the arenas. Unsurprisingly, the tone quickly rose between them. Stung to the quick, Solveig Halloin regretted that he was being prevented from freely expressing his ideas… Unlike certain great figures of the extreme right as she indicated. “You won’t get the buzz tonight […] », dropped the main interested party with regard to Cyril Hanouna. “We are in slavery territory, aren’t we? We are at Bolloré…” A nasty spade that caused general indignation on the set of TPMP.


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