a first good news for bicycles in 2023?

We had been quite hard at the time towards Shimano when the group was revealed (crankset, brakes, cassette, derailleurs, etc.) Shimano 105 Di2 12 speed. In particular with regard to the prices practiced by the Japanese firm in a bicycle market which no longer hesitates to put entry-level products at more than 5000 € on the bicycles of experienced practitioners and major brands. Of course, the multiplication of the offer in the VAE pulls all this upwards: according to the European federation of the manufacturers of bicycles, the part of the electric ones will explode in the years to come on the Old Continent. A lucrative market.

New Shimano 105 Di2 groupset: is the world of cycling on the wrong track?

Obviously, in this context, the amateur sportsman, the “recreational” cyclist or simply the enthusiast cannot rejoice to see an unstoppable soaring in prices. And it is multifactorial: rising costs and transport, high demand, but also the price of parts which are constantly rising.

Concretely, when a brand sells you its bike, it has bought massive quantities (and at preferential prices) of parts from suppliers beforehand. Brakes, tires, saddles, wheels and of course entire groupsets. Their price therefore directly influences the final price of the bikes: a very expensive Shimano 105 Di2 is not only a problem for those who buy the parts separately (a brake or derailleur replacement will be particularly expensive for customers who break material !). There is also one for those who buy complete bikes : there is more than 1000 € difference between the old 105 and the new one, in electronic version. An additional cost necessarily passed on to the price of bikes with an equivalent range…

The long-awaited Shimano?

For now, the Shimano 105 only exists in Di2. But that could soon change © Shimano

It was just a rumor that finally seems to be confirmed. The bicycle manufacturer KHS revealed on its site the presence of a Shimano 105 12-speed group… with cable. Just like the good old days, and without electronics. The famous and long-awaited “group of the people” that has made Shimano equipped bikes so successful in the past. The “Dacia Duster” from the spare parts group: the safe bet!

If this is confirmed, then we would have a much cheaper Shimano 105 groupset., in pad or disc brakes, and with the possibility of putting a cassette of up to 36 teeth for the largest sprocket. Gravel enthusiasts will appreciate.

We obviously hope that this rumor will be confirmed and that the prices will allow as many people as possible to access this excellent Shimano 105 which has always been the best value for money on the market.

And if Shimano were to finally refuse to launch a mechanical version of its 105, it would then be necessary for the smaller budgets to fall back on the lower Tiagra range, which is not demerit either, but which is inevitably heavier.

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