a chilling testimony on the behavior of the suspect

The emotion has still not gone down in the village of Tonneins (Lot-et-Garonne) where Vanesa, 14, was allegedly kidnapped, raped, kidnapped and then killed on Saturday November 19, 2022. The suspect, a 31-year-old man , was indicted on November 20 after confessing to the facts and acknowledging the murder of the teenager. We know a little more about his profile thanks to several testimonies and elements from his police custody.

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“He was too weird”

While in police custody, the temporary worker who resides in the town of Marmande said that he frequently viewed child pornography images, according to BFM. Searches have already been carried out at his home.

On this point, a young girl may be able to help the investigators. At the microphone of BFM TV Tahlia, 17, said she crossed paths with the suspect hours before Vanesa disappeared.

“I was walking and I saw this man there, he started to slow down and he said hello to me with a big smile”, she reports. So on the phone with her mother she claims to have ” afraid “. “He was driving slowly, he was too weird and I was scared at the time. »

His mother then said to him: “Take precautions, be careful, go take refuge with your girlfriend, because you never know who it could be. » A chilling testimony when we know the rest today.

A psychiatric expertise

The family lawyer also spoke about BFMexplaining that the parents had “completely dehumanized” the suspect : “They don’t talk about it. » He will be represented by two lawyers: Mr.are Franck and Martin, the latter also defending Cédric Jubillar, reported the Free lunch .

A psychiatric expertise was also requested. It will take place next month, according to BFM.

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