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An atmosphere at the rendezvous. This is a change from Euro 2020, which had seen tensions arise, before and during the competition. There had been the episode between Giroud and Benzema, internal bickering and a lack of overall cohesion. But for this World Cup 2022, return of a peaceful climate. And the players are quick to testify, like Mattéo Guendouzi, very comfortable with the press.

“The group is great, we get along well. Some players have known each other for a long time. We play cards, especially Uno, Playstation, we watch Netflix series. As I said, we have a great group that gets along well, young people, old people, we all fit in. The living room, after meals, we watch the evening matches while playing cards, some play poker, but we are all in the same room”, he assured. This was not the case during the previous Euro.

no clans

Indeed, the mix is ​​much better and relations are in good shape between the executives, the youngest, the substitutes and the holders. Guendouzi again: “We are simple and natural and everyone gets along well. There is a great atmosphere”. Marcus Thuram, less voluble but visibly sincere, also went there in his opinion. “There are not too many clans between older and younger. We are all in the same boat in this competition. »

If the good general understanding is not enough to win a World Cup, it remains an undeniable asset to go as far as possible. The violent shouting matches that we witnessed on the pitch during the Euro (like Pogba and Pavard) seem a long way off. If they all fight to have no more cards in the Uno, they will do the same to add a star to the shirt.

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