A 40-year-old found dead, her companion in police custody

A woman born in 1976 was found dead at her home in Pont-Péan (Ille-et-Vilaine) and her companion was placed in police custody, we learned from the Rennes prosecutor’s office. On Sunday afternoon, a man, born in 1987, went to the Rennes police station “to report that he had found his wife dead at his home in Pont-Péan”, the prosecutor told AFP. of the Republic of Rennes Philippe Astruc, confirming information from West France.

The man was taken care of by the gendarmes and taken to his apartment in this town south of Rennes where the lifeless body of his wife was actually discovered. “Lesions were found on the victim’s body attesting to a death following violence,” added Philippe Astruc. A criminal investigation entrusted to the Research Brigade (BR) of Rennes was opened by the prosecution.

Autopsy scheduled for Monday

The victim’s husband, who also has injuries, was taken into custody. “He could not yet be heard to give his version of the facts and therefore remains presumed innocent,” said Philippe Astruc. An autopsy must be carried out on Monday to clarify the exact causes of death. The couple met in 2014 and married in 2017. The defendant is a mason on a permanent contract in his brother’s company while the deceased woman was unemployed, said the prosecutor.

The victim had presented himself in February 2022 to the brigade of La Gacilly (Morbihan) to report that she had left the marital home in November 2021. “She did not file a complaint but stressed that she was afraid of her husband who was verbally abusive without however, exercise physical violence,” according to the same source. At this stage of the investigation, the date of the resumption of common life of the couple is not known.

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