96-year-old woman raped at home, man arrested

A 28-year-old man is suspected of entering the home of a nonagenarian and raping her in Toulouse. The individual was arrested and an investigation was opened.

A man suspected of having raped a 96-year-old woman at her home on Saturday morning in Toulouse was arrested and taken into custody. An investigation for aggravated rape has been opened, indicates the Toulouse prosecutor’s office.

The facts occurred in the early morning. Shortly before 8 a.m., a home nurse surprised a man on his arrival at the nonagenarian’s. She puts him to flight and warns the police.

Arrested a few moments later, the man, born in 1994, was taken into custody. The 96-year-old woman claims she was raped. At this stage, the doctors confirm traces of violence, specifies the parquet floor.

Jeanne Bulant with AFP BFMTV journalist

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