3 fans for the Founders Edition AD102?

New day, new rumor about the next graphics cards NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4000. Here we have a rumor that speaks of a potential new design for the next RTX 4000 Founders Edition based on three fans and no longer two. This information comes to us once again from the leaker @kopite7kimi on Twitter. This new cooling system would concern the AD102 GPU (PG136/139). This could say two things. First, either this leaked cooling system photos are fake, or this three-fan cooling system could come into play in other specific circumstances.

A cooling system with three fans could indeed be very useful for the RTX 4090. Indeed, if we take the RTX 3090 Ti with its already high TDP of 450W, all custom models are cooled either by three fans or by water cooling all in one. If the RTX 4090 has a higher TDP of 600W (also known as 450W currently), two fans might not be enough. This could therefore force NVIDIA to switch to a more efficient system with three fans. Remember that unlike AMD, which has even already made the AiO and the three-fan cooling system, NVIDIA has never passed the two-fan bar on its Founders Edition designs.

Mind you, we had a similar rumor before the RTX 3000s launched, but that probably stayed in NVIDIA labs for an engineering sample since the Founders Edition featured a cooling system with a fan on each side for the most large models. On the other hand, this is not the first time that we have talked about a cooling system with three fans, we already talked about it at the end of March.

Moreover, our favorite leaker confirmed to agree with the information from Wccftech, so that the launch of the RTX-4090 would only take place in the month ofoctober not in July. The RTX 4080 would follow in November and the RTX 4070 in December. As for the RTX 4060, there is talk of a launch during CES 2023. It is likely that the brand will delay the launch to maximize the flow of stocks

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